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‘Deadbots’ Can Speak for You after Your Death. Is that Ethical?

If we agree that it is unethical to use people’s data without their consent while they are alive, why should it be ethical to do so after their death?

by Sara Suárez-Gonzalo May 20, 2022
The Dark Side of Social Media Influencing: Problematic Engagement

The study showed that when followers develop attachments both to influencers (parasocial relationship) and their community (sense of belonging), this can lead to problematic engagement.

by Samira Farivar, Fang Wang, and Ofir Turel May 19, 2022
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Some Chocolate Has a Dark Side to it – Child Labor

It is hard to obtain exact figures on the numbers of children who have worked on the cacao farms. The International Labor Organization estimates 1.56 million in the Ivory Coast and Ghana alone

by Robert C Ulin May 19, 2022
Life Hacks for ADHD People and Those Who Struggle With Attention Problem

These strategies and life hacks can help anyone with ADHD, as well as those who struggle with attention problems but don’t have a diagnosis.

by Rob Rosenthal May 17, 2022
(Almost) A Love Story

What happens when a new law makes your sexuality a crime?

by Abi Ardianda Translated by: Gita D. Astari May 13, 2022
Sleep: How Much You Really Need It For Your Well-being–New Research

Decades of bad sleep may potentially lead to cognitive decline. How much sleep does our brain need to operate properly in the long term?

by Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, Christelle Langley, Jianfeng Feng, and Wei Cheng May 13, 2022
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Long History of Abortion and Its Debate in the US

It began more than a century before Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that established that the Constitution protects a person’s right to an abortion.

by Treva B. Lindsey May 11, 2022
Why My Nephew Thinks I’m Better Off Single

Any guy who wants to be with me should know that I cherish these people in my life, heart and soul. They’ve been around even before he came along.

by Ruby Astari May 10, 2022
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette: Extravagant French Queen and Symbol of Female Excess

Marie Antoinette has become something of a pop culture icon, appearing across film, television and, more recently, social media in works that often seek to explore the performance of gender.

by Madeleine Pelling May 9, 2022
Disabled People are Being Left Out of COVID Recovery

Here are five things that need to happen for a disability-inclusive post-COVID world to become reality.

by Vera Kubenz April 28, 2022