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20 years After US Premiere: ‘Spirited Away’ and Hayao Miyazaki’s Legacy

Miyazaki’s films have made a unique imprint on the imaginations of a generation of Western animators.

by Northrop Davis September 21, 2022
Lizzo Body Positivity
Why the Body Positivity Movement Risks Turning Toxic

The singer Lizzo says that the movement has been “co-opted by all bodies” and has become about celebrating “medium and small girls and people who occasionally get rolls”.

by Viren Swami September 16, 2022
Jean-Luc Godard Obituary: How His Filmmaking Asked All the Right Questions

The death of Jean-Luc Godard at the age of 91 marks the end of an era.

by Alison Smith September 15, 2022
Feel Like You Talk Too Much? A New Study Shows People May Like It

We found in our study that the more participants spoke, the more they were liked by their new conversation partners.

by Quinn Hirschi September 15, 2022
Choosing University or College Courses? 5 Questions for Students to Consider

Why are you taking the course? Knowing the answer will help you choose a balanced course load.

by Terence Day and Paul N. McDaniel September 14, 2022
Hai Penyuka Pop Mie Sedunia, Ini Sejarah Bisnis 'Cup Noodles' Meledak
Weight Loss: the Time of Day You Eat Your Biggest Meal Has Little Effect

In our study, the only difference was a change in the self-reported feeling of hunger and related factors, such as the quantity of food they wanted to eat.

by Jonathan Johnston, Alex Johnstone, and Peter Morgan September 10, 2022
King Charles III: How A New Monarch Will Affect Our Everyday Lives

Now that King Charles III has ascended the throne, it will probably take time for many to adjust to the new royal order.

by Pauline Maclaran September 10, 2022
One Way to Help College Students Get Enough Sleep: Pay Them to Go to Bed

Sleep deprivation is a big problem among college students. Most college students sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours per night.

by Osea Giuntella September 9, 2022
Did Twitter Ignore Basic Security Measures? A Cybersecurity Expert Explains

Zatko’s allegations paint a disturbing picture of the state of Twitter’s cybersecurity and the security consciousness of Twitter as a company.s of sleep per night.

by Richard Forno September 6, 2022
feminisme di media indonesia
How Gender Norms Influence What Young People Choose to Study At School

In this research, a strong masculine image of maths and science significantly decreased the likelihood of female students choosing a Stem major at university.

by Francis Farrell September 2, 2022