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I’ll Do My Best: What Hospital Playlist Teaches Me About Life (and Death)

These last three months, Hospital Playlist has become that dearest friend who provides comfort and hope as I try to grasp my mom’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

by Grace Wiroreno November 23, 2021
5 Ways Parents Can Foster Positive Creativity in Kids
5 Ways Parents Can Foster ‘Positive Creativity’ in Kids

There are many personal and social benefits of creativity, but we should not ignore there is a dark side of creativity, too

by Sareh Karami, Mehdi Ghahremani, & Robert Sternberg November 19, 2021
How China’s Single Women Are Using Their Financial Power to Fight the Stigma

In China, if you are female, educated, and unmarried by the age of 27, people might call you “Sheng-nu” or “leftover women”.

by Chih-Ling Liu and Robert Kozinets November 18, 2021
Menjadi Ally untuk Komunitas Transgender
Transgender and Gender Diverse Teens: How to Talk to and Support Them

One of the challenges that anyone who’s trans faces is coming to an understanding of yourself in a culture that fundamentally doesn’t recognize that you exist.

by Thalia Plata November 17, 2021
Emphasizing Women in the Discussion of Digital Rights in Indonesia

In order to harness the energy and creativity of women, the country must first protect those women and afford them the freedom of expression online that they deserve.

by Diani Citra November 16, 2021
I Hate My Name but It is Too Late to Change It

Names are very important and personal, but not all parents are aware about it.

by Siti Parhani, Digital Media Specialist November 12, 2021
Pemuka agama Aa Gym KDRT
The Man I Couldn’t Help: Male Silence in Domestic Violence

When men become victims of domestic violence, they often stay silent fearing the stigma.

by Ruby Astari November 11, 2021
Lingkungan Hidup_Environment
Why Taking Action on Climate Change is an Islamic Obligation

If one dimension of jihad means struggle against harmful forces for a virtuous outcome and cause, environmental activism becomes a form of jihad.

by Mehmet Ozalp November 10, 2021
Virality of hate_SOcial Media_Hoax_Cyber_Digital_SarahArifin
Perfectionist Teenage Girls and The Dark Side of Social Media

Teen girls are particularly vulnerable to the stringent standards of beauty displayed on social media, which often intensifies their insecurities and anxieties.

by Marianne Etherson and Thomas Curran November 9, 2021
What Are Gender Pronouns and Why Is It Important to Use The Right Ones?

Asking about and correctly using someone’s gender pronouns is an easy way to show your respect for their identity.

by Glen Hosking November 2, 2021